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Trevor wants to do a graphics overhaul, colors and text theme primarily. What does everyone think? It's really easy to do, we can try different settings. Basically we can make the homepage like any of the options you have for your personal pages. I wait to hear opinions.

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Maybe try some different graphics over a few days and see if there is a preference(?) Marc
What Hop said. I always thought black (dkr shade) makes a better border around astro pics. Marc
how you guys like this graphic?
We have to wait for Medley to get back into town in order to get rid of the white borders round the photo's.
I like the new look!
Looks good! Has an air of distinction.
Charles, in that picture you have posted what is that (award) you're holding? Marc
Thats the surfer poll humanitarian award. Surfpoll is like the oscars for the surfing industry. I won it this year for realizing that salt water helps cycstic fibrosis patients clear their sinus and upper airway, thus alleviating the disease symptoms, and organize and help motivate many of my old friends, who are the best surfers in the world, to help take over five hundred patients surfing and visit more than thirty chldrens hospitals That award is not given every year, it was a special thing.
Charles that is really great, good for you. Belated Congrats, Marc
The Surfer Poll Award is a big deal in the surfing world and out here on Oahu. Congrats Charlie!
Good evenning AstroGabbers,
I am here to help make this web site swell with information, more usable and more interactive. We can real do a lot to this using CSS styling (a fancier way of making it do what we want outside of the Ning interface). The graphics we have here now you can see get pixelated, mispositioned and make the site feel a bit like a MySpace page/skin. I am eager to start the customization of this site, so let's start pinning down the "wish list." Once we have that established I will begin that process. Also, we will start getting the linkable equipment fields into your profiles so you can detail your equipment/configurations & setups input into your profiles. Once I start to make strides toward that direction I would be very interested in getting everyone's feedback on improving that information as well as enhancing the overall interface. I look forward to our continued momentum making AstroGab the definitive Astronomy enthusiasts web site.


Chris Medley
Top of my wish list is the front pic rotation. It seems to be the common action to join and upload an entire personal library of images. Which is great that the site can handle that kind of storage. However, when a person comes on the site they see 50 pics from personA good and bad, then 50 pics from personB good and bad, etc. What I was thinking was that each person gets x amount (2-4) of slots on the front page that rotates. Also make these slots updatable (a word?). So this week from my library I'll put in m1 m2 m3, next week I'll put in ngc 1,2,3, etc. Person B does the same and so on. With this a person can see the different members (through a sample of their pics) and click on their full library if so desired. I don't know if this is doable, but I think it would be a fair way for everybody to get their time in the spotlight.
Not to push it, but wish list B Trevor has mentioned about nuts and bolts of a pic. Maybe a template.
Thanks, Marc



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