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I'm looking for advise on using software. Right now I am using Nebulosity but am looking for something that will automate my focusing (I cannot do this with Nebulosity). From what I am seeing on the net I can use FocusMax with the Moonlight but I need to use CCDSoft or Maxim DL. CCDSoft is less expensive for what I would need it for but Maxim seems to give you more bang for the buck. I'd like to hear those who use these programs their thoughts.

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I've been using Sequence Generator Pro + PhD Guiding and I have been very happy with it so far. You might want to check that out since it has a free trial as well. It does have Auto Focus but I haven't tried that part myself.

thats pretty much how I run my world. CCDap makes everything simple.

All right, I went with Maxim as my acquiring software. Too bad CCDSoft did not have a trial period, it is hard to justify spending that much money on something and not know how well it'll work. I got Maxim to work with FocusMax with no problems. My ultimate goal is to get CCDap running Maxim DL and TheSkyX to run the scope, camera, filter changes and focus routine through the night (I just need to make sure the sprinklers are turned OFF).

For that setup, which is exactly like mine, you'll want CCDAP to call Maxim for your camera and filter wheel and guide camera/guiding. It'll also call SkyX to run your mount (ascom perhaps) and do the plate solving, and it'll also call FMax. All separately and all perfectly. For me, with the Paramount, SkyX talks to the mount natively.




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