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i've got a ton of cables running around my mount. unfortunately for me, the cGEM has cables that go on it that move as the scope slews, which really sucks, but I also have a cable for autoguider, for the primary camera, for the focuser, and the flip-flat... lot of cables. Anyone have a photo of such that can show me how they manage their cables?

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I'll take some pictures of what I do with this next time I'm out. I use half-inch wide strips of high quality velcro, cut in lengths of two inches. Like 15 or so, and tie all my cables neatly in one bunch so my mount won't catch on it, and I can manage the drag by feeding it thru the mount base sorta. Easier to explain via a picture or three. It works pretty well. Takes an additional 5 mins to setup but worth it. I have a lot of cables. Guider, focuser, camera, filter wheel, mount, etc...

epic Bob that's a nice way to handle it. Jeff I'm amped to see a photo of your setup. This helps guys.. thank you.



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