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hey guys here is a video that i got a nice saturn pic from it is a lil dim but a strech of the history gram will brighten up nicely

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quick question - should i be using any filters to record?
yes ben a uv ir cut filter helps a lot i use badder
yes i use a uv ir cut filter im about to get me a ir pass filter and a ultraviloet filter for venus i will post results
focus takes me about 20 min lol it takes time jump a lil and watch minute
i still have many problems with the focus.. but i know my collumation is out, waiting for a night where i can collumate on a star.. but usual british weather cloudy and wet, i need to stay up all night to get to the clear point about 2-3am anyway, forecasts are looking up so might get a chance, ill upload some shots i reacently done, 1st try with deepspace.
hell man that blows my first pics away
wow really, thanks

I finally got out the other night to collumate my scope its now about right.
hope i get a clear night soon so i can have a go again with longer exposures... and the dark and flats will help also.
ok great think i got that same one...
i will make sure i use that.



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