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My first setup was a 8" newtonian on a CG-5 and I would have to carry it in and out of the garage and that started bothering my back. So I looked at the JMI Scope Buggy but for that amount I figure for the price of the Scope Buggy I can make my own cart and be allowed to buy a new power tool for my workshop. My first try was 2x4's and small hard rubber 4" wheels. That worked for a while but adjust the legs every time was a pain, since I have a slanted driveway I sit on. So when I bought my CGE it would not fit on the old cart so I had to make a new one. Since it is a heavier mount and bigger base I decided to go with 2x6 pine, 8" pneumatic tires, and 5/8" x 6" carriage bolt for leveling the cart. I made a T with the 2x6 with a piece of 3/4 wood to brace them together. I notched the 2 pieces of 2x6 so they fit together and glued and screwed them together. Then I bolted the 3/4 wood on top as a brace and hold for equipment. I took 2 - 6" pieces of 2x6 and drilled a hole in the center (the length wise) and pounded the axis in. Then I screwed those to the Cart making sure the bottom of the cart was only 2-3 inches off the ground. Then I drilled the holes near the feet of the tripod for the 5/8" carriage bolts for levelers. For the front wheels I made it so the front is able to rotate. I used a 3/4" sleeves with 3/4" carriage bolt that rides inside holding the T and front wheels together. You want the sleeves so everything rotates smoothly also add some grease int here help also.
This is what I came up with.

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