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Should I be using a light pollution filter when imaging galaxies? I image with a DSLR. From what I understand you want to collect the complete gamut of photons a galaxy makes and take more images, than you would at a dark site, to reduce the SNR. Does anyone have experience with this and any advice? Thanks for reading,

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I'd never heard people don't use those filters. interesting for sure.
You drink too much coffee. lol
hey i have ben wondering if filters would help or hurt my imagrs as well my skys are not the darkest but not sure how bright they should b before u should throw a filter on mayb someone could do some test shots with and without for us to lookl at would b very helpful
Can't wait to see M27. Can I get it faster than 3 days? Marc
Just a follow up on my OP. I shot m81 and this time I took the CLS clip out. I think it is best to use the CLS clip for nebula and leave it out for here it is.
m81 Bode's galaxy
120 sec exposures stacked in DSS for a total integration time of 4 hours and 24 min.
Astro-Tech 6" Richey-Chretien
Orion 80mm guide scope with SSAG
Canon T1i (Unmodded)
CG-5 mount (Hyper-tuned)



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