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I am looking for my TS ED 90/500 mm a flattener. The scope is some kind od copy of the Takahashi Sky 90 (same characteristics). Have some one testet the reducer/flattener from TeleVue (TRF-2008 0.8X Reducer/Flattener)

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Emil this is 5mn unedited raw shot w/the TRF2008. The scope was a AT80edt ( f7,FL560),using a Canon1000d,mounted directly (no spacers). I wasn't too happy w/the stars in the corners. Did mess w/some t-spacers to move the TRF away from the sensor, didn't seem to help much. After reading I thought maybe the TRF needed to be closer, but haven't tried it. Marc
Thanks Marc,
the problem is that this scope is F/5.5 so a little bit faster, secondary I have to mount also a filter-wheel (Stalight Xpress) and the QHY 9M camera, I don't know if this device will manage to cover the whole sensor (KAF 8300)...
But once again Marc, thanks a lot, is anyway I have now a lot more information.
Kind of comparing apples and oranges. I didn't realize (until after I wrote this) that you were using a ccd cam. I'll be interested how you make out, I'll be attaching to a st8300 w/color wheel (in future when I figure out what I'm doing w/the ccd). It's specked out at 56mm to the sensor, should be room to do that but will it cover, don't know. I know the TRF works well w/f6 scopes and dslrs. Marc
Here's a shot I found w/a sv70 (f6) 3rd pic
Thanks Marc,
actually I dont believe that the difference between F/6 and F/5.5 is so big and concerning sensors the DSLR has a similar size as the 8300 it should perform well
I guess I will buy one next month, for this one I have exhausted the "possibilities" $$$
Emil, I have the TV 0.8X reducer/flattener and used it with a Megrez 90. It did OK, but not great. I never got around to testing different spacings. I recently upgraded to an AT111EDT (777mm FL) and the TV reducer/flattener does not work at all well with that scope. I've just now tested the William Optics "Flat4" with the AT111 and it is awesome. In fact, maybe too awesome because now I can see the slight tilt that comes from using a thumbscrew to attach it to the scope's eyepiece holder!


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