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Hello friends
after 1,5 years of "astro-death" Im back in and on-line (sort of).
I managed to get ready my roll-off since a few days, call me crazy for working in october-december but I had no other choice.
I got an offer for a small wooden house (kind of lego style) for 998 euros si I had to do it. An offer made by a entrepreneur was 7200 euros (roll-off and pier only).
So here we are, Anno Domini 2014, month december, 2 days ago I checked the polar alignment and after corrections I am down to 20 arc-seconds on both axes, still I have some play between mount and pier adapter but is manageable.
Also I finished the cable management and found a temporary place for the cloud sensor, also done the software changes to accommodate the cloud software into CCDAP 4 and 5, Maxpilote and CCD Commander.
I had a lot of luck doing the walls and delaying the deck and getting that for good, dry weather, I finished the deck and in the second day, guess what? rain for 5 days.
Because of place problems I had to do some sort of reversed roll-off that means that I had some different problems to solved.
In spring I will add the roll-off motor (already have it) and till then I will have to play with the Velleman card to get everything sorted out.

Take care

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This is a cool little building. I like it.

Very interesting construction, looks great. We do similar here (US) but w/full logs. I'm curious if those kits(or similar) are available here. Marc PS Good luck!


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