Astrophotographers hangout. Invite friends and notice chat bar on bottom.

I'll post a pic later. Unless somebody has got a pic they were trying to take after a bottle or two of champagne, that would be cool.

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Marc Basti said:
Mark, nothing to do w/this thread of discussion, so I didn't want to post in the middle of it, but it has to do w/forum structure. The chronological posts; wouldn't it be better to post the newest posts first instead of opening up to Jan1 posts. I know it would be a bit like reading right to left ie answer before question but after awhile one is going to need to go through pages to get to the newest updates. I know this is structured to deal w/1 topic then close and start a new discussion, but kind of nice just having a free flowing thread of what ever comes up. Any ideas? Marc

Mark, I've looked at every option. This will have to go to Ning. This site is not nearly as configurable as one would think. It's very basic and options like that just aren't available. I find it odd that it's set up that way.
Hey guys,

Please chuck an message to Medley and Charlie about this. There has to be a way to do this. I also have noticed some error codes popping up. I am going to ask them about that and see what is uo and what can be done.




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