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I am trying to identify the faintest object in my lights (in the stacked light), I am looking for a program that can overlay the ID of the detected objects.
I tried Unimap but when I select NOMAD catalog for example I get a crash.
How do you identify the objects and what software are you using?
I stacked the M101 from last night and I should be in the mag 19.5 maybe 20.0 limits but so long I cant get a confirmation using a catalog I stand back from such assumings.


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Mark, thanks but Stellarium is not deep enough for me, I have positive confirmations of 18.6 mag galaxies in my image, also stars uncovered by UCAC-3 catalog (the limit of this catalog is about 17 mag)....
I use this:

I downloaded it, and about 2G worth of catalogs and compiled/installed it on a Linux VM. I can plate solve and identify any image at any focal length in any part of the sky. See my blog post about it. Maybe this will help?



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