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Ok here goes...
I've trying like heck to learn how to process NB images. I've got a decent base but the thing I am really struggling with is how to align the stars to make an HaR image and then HaRGB. When I go to stack the Red channel to Ha (or HaR to RGB) in Photoshop I can get about 3/4 of the stars to line but I always get that last 1/3 to 1/4 that end up looking ghetto. I use all the settings in the Move Tool but I can never get a full alignment of the stars. I hope someone has some advise on how to get past this.
Thanks in advance,

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Do you align the two images in DSS? And/or tried auto align in PS? Marc

Thanks for replying Marc. It is amazing what sleep can to to clear the mind. I am an idiot, I've been trying to align the images by hand using the Move tool. Using your suggestion I just found that you can let PS do it for you by using the Auto-Align Layers mode in Edit...I am such a noob when using PhotoShop.

So, what I do is register/align/whatever-you-want-to-call-it all channels together after calibration but before stacking. Then just stack each channel like you normally would and integrate the channels as normal. I assume you're using Ha for luminance?

Upon re-reading this, I'm not sure if I've conveyed effectively what I meant. Did I make sense?


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