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Does anyone know how to use this camera as a guider with a CGEM

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Hi Philip,
I don't have a CGEM but I do have a Celestron CGE. I use a Meade DSI for all my guiding and an Equinox 80mm as my guider. I use a GPUSB purchased from Shoestring with either PHD or MaximDL to guide.I have tried pulse guiding with the H/C and MaximDL but didn't see any advantage over the other so I usual guide using the GPUSB.


Hey Greg, thanks for the info very much appricated. As it turns out I had bought a GPUSB from Shoestring a while back but I was not sure if it would work with the Meade but realized after reading what you wrote the camera is a camera no matter what. I had a look at PHD, it looks like a great little piece of software. I should be giving everthing a try in the next couple of days. Thanks again, Phil

No problem Phil, with an 80mm guide scope and the DSI PRO, I have never had any troubles finding a guide star.

It will be the first time guiding for me, I am a lttle nervous but I must say Gregg has given me some get up and go and so have you. I am going to give it a try tonight and tomorrow if the skies are well. I will show you how it goes.................I hope

Hi Emil, Thanks for the information. I tried guiding with my DSI Pro (mono) last week but no success. I think PHD was acting a bit wierd so I have re-installed it but have yet to try it again. Interesting not using the GPUSB, are you using a ST-4 cable straight from your laptop? Thanks again, Phil



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