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My kid's b-day is coming up he'll be 12. My wife and I are going to get him a desktop to replace his laptop (that's going to me for capture and guiding-so this is important lol). He's a gamehead and of course he wants these unbelievable graphic cards ($$$) and that's not happening w/a budget of around $600. Since I'm not up on gaming needs/requirements, I was hoping some of you more computer savvy people might give me an idea what to look for and/or specific models that are out there. If this helps, he plays games like Mindcraft and Starwars not sure how high power these are, but he doesn't play Call of Duty (or that type) which I understand really need a potent computer to play properly. I'll take any info you got Thanks, Marc

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Bob, Hop, I appreciate the info. Looking at his laptop (1.5yr old entry level Toshiba) I'm not sure I could upgrade the video card. Note: you're talking about me, rewire the house-sure, pull/reset the well pump-sure, open up a computer chassis-errrrrrr. I picture a screwdriver shorting out a capacitor and sparks flying, then eternal darkness lol. Besides if I hyper-tune his lapper, I don't get it. So we're going to go w/the desktop (plus it has a bigger screen). Things I was curious about is preferences in processor types, processor speed and should I be looking at more memory/single core processor or less memory/duo core processor (or other). What is a good combination and still stay within the $600 range. Thanks, Marc
Hi Marc what the guys are talking about is an upgrade for a video card for a desk top unit , I myself can't suggest much as I do not do gaming but I build my own computers and Asus graphic card is a good deal I use them myself and they are good the other thing is most new computers are 64 bit now not many run the old 32 like I have , so as I mentioned go for a Asus graphic card ask for a PCI card when you order the computer and for sound I use Sound blaster that is also a good sound card

Thanks Jerome. At this point, I think we're going w/an HP it has a AMD quadcore A6-3600 processor. I was told (if I have this correct) the processor is internally optimized for the graphics end. I'm pretty much in the mind set that if I spend X amount of dollars then I'll get X amount of processor (isn't that life lol). This tower is graphic card upgradable, has 6gb memory and 1tb hdrv. Hopefully this will be adequate for my kid's(12yrs old) gaming needs-if not, tough crap, he can get a job and buy his own LOL. Marc
Bob, the kid is gaming away, cool. I'm actually thinking about expanding the memory in my lapper, we'll see. Now about the Ford v Chevy, Cevy 350 w/Holley 4 barrel all the way! I learned how to drive on my father's 71 Monte Carlo, I use to love the sound of the other 2 barrels opening up (of course gas was under $1). Then there was (his) 76,77 Montes and my 77 stepside pu 2whl drv, use to go through rear tires on that one lol. Marc



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