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Congrats to fellow AstroGabber James Cormier for being a selected artist in Starstruck: The Fine Art of Astrophotography exhibition at Bates collage in Maine.

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Congrats James!

Steve, the link does not seem to work, can you re-post?

Huh, seems to be working on my end. Hopefully just a bad connection somewhere...

Local boy makes good. Well deserved James. Marc PS think it's the connection, took a couple tries, but got it.

Thanks guys! The two shots they selected were moonlit lanscape shots done on B&W film. I submitted them as matted 11x14 Kodak Endura metallic prints. They came out well and they must look great on that gallery wall. I'll have to make a trip down to see them this summer / fall. I will try to post them here on the gab.

I appreciate the nice comments and the support. And thank you Steve!

Here is a review from the Portland Press Herald and a video about the exhibition. Anyone interested can find the catalog for sale at the Bates Bookstore.


Here is a link from the local television station in Maine about this exhibit and astrophotography.



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