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Kind of liking CCD autopilot. Have both systems, but I'm preferring CCD autopilot. Just easier to understand. Now that my guider is picking up stars easily CCDAP seems to be doing the job. Of course I fiddled with it last night for first time in a while, but I'm happy thus far.

Have a flatman XL and it's pretty cool watching the dome light up from a distance as the telescope is taking flats. Anyone else have experience with both programs?

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I might switch to ACP.. Lane and McFarlin are killing it using that program and swear it's easier than CCDap but harder to figure out at first. Maybe I'll switch when I set up my observatory again in a month.

SGP seems like a decent program to try out-I've only heard good things about it and a good price. On my to do list 2015. Marc



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