Astrophotographers hangout. Invite friends and notice chat bar on bottom.

Lately when I sign in to Astrogab I get an alert signal randomly throughout my session. It is a tweep, tweep sound. I have checked alerts and there is nothing there. Is this indicating users logging in?


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That alert sound is from the chat room. Every time someone replies is chimes. If you want, you can turn it off at the chat box sound icon.
Thanks, got it.
Hi Gary,

It's probably not the same thing but for a couple of days I had been using my headset and in the background I could hear something like what you are referring to. After a bit of searching I tracked it down to a chat that was taking place here, at least I think it was here!! Now see, if I had scrolled down a bit further I would have realized it had already been answered! Sheeeesh!

Thanks, see Steve Coates response it explains it.
When I first joined astrogab I fell asleep with it running and had no idea what that sound was , it would just go off randomly(I thought) through the night . X D



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